Asset Management

People are unique. Shouldn’t it follow then that people’s investment portfolios should also be unique?

Our Personalized Approach

At The R.L. Brown Advisory Group, we subscribe to the notion that investment portfolios should be more different than alike. We reject the mass market, “one size fits all” asset management style, embracing instead a customized approach based on a thorough evaluation of your financial situation and an in-depth understanding of your unique needs, preferences and objectives.

By investing time upfront, for example, we may find the need to:

  • Manage your portfolio for high tax efficiency
  • Hedge a low-basis position, an illiquid holding or a concentrated position
  • Construct a targeted portfolio, such as high-growth or high-income
  • Reduce exposure to certain asset classes due to outside concentrations (such as real estate)

In short, we seek to understand your needs first, and only then do we build and implement an asset management strategy to best satisfy those needs.

Independent, Objective Management

When implementing and managing your portfolio, we’re not limited to the set of investment alternatives offered through a parent or affiliated company. Our independence allows us to select best-in-class solutions from a wide variety of providers. Also, since we don’t accept commissions, referral fees, or payments of any kind from third parties (our fees come directly and exclusively from our clients), we’re able to maintain a high level of objectivity and minimize the conflicts of interest inherent in most commission-based compensation models.

Continuous Oversight and Monitoring

Once a portfolio is in place, we maintain regularly scheduled touch points to ensure that we stay in sync over the course of our relationship. We objectively measure our investment performance (against a transparent benchmark) on a regular basis and we readjust the portfolio strategy over time, as necessary, to incorporate changing market expectations or to better address your evolving needs.

Focus on Cost Efficiency

We fully understand that total cost of ownership (transaction costs + investment management expenses + taxes) is an important factor in determining long-term investment performance. Therefore, we seek to control such costs by focusing on low-expense investments, building tax-efficient portfolios and minimizing investment turnover.

Our Fiduciary Commitment

Most importantly, we commit in writing that we will act as a fiduciary at at times. This means we’ll always place your interests ahead of our own and that we will strive to avoid conflicts of interest. In cases where such conflicts are unavoidable, we’ll provide full and transparent disclosure so that you’re always fully informed.