Financial Planning

It’s been said that “a goal without a plan is just a wish.” No where is this more true than in the personal finance rhelm, where goals without plans abound and wishful thinking generally takes the place of rigorous analysis and planning.

Your Financial Planning Partner

At the R.L. Brown Advisory Group, we offer a full suite of planning services to move clients away from such wishful thinking, providing instead an actionable roadmap that maximizes the likelihood of success.

Each plan we develop is:

  • Personalized — meaning it addresses a client’s specific needs and financial situation
  • Comprehensive — meaning it identifies applicable opportunities and risks, and contains clear, actionable recommendations, and
  • Realistic — meaning it uses assumptions that are reasonable and achievable

Comprehensive Planning Solutions

Our most common plans and the questions typically addressed in such plans are listed below. Because each plan is custom-designed, however, the actual content (i.e., analysis, questions addressed, conclusions and recommendations) will vary based on the specific needs of each client.

Plan Type Typical Questions Addressed in Plan
Investment Review
  • Is my portfolio structured appropriately given my risk tolerance and my objectives?
  • How much am I really paying for my investments?
  • Are my investments optimized for taxes?
Retirement Savings Plan
  • When will I be able to retire?
  • What level of personal savings do I need to live comfortably during retirement?
  • What are the most tax-efficient retirement savings vehicles for me?
  • At what age should I file for Social Security retirement benefits?
Education Funding Plan
  • How much should I be saving to pay for my children’s college expenses?
  • What are the best savings strategies and savings vehicles for me?
  • How do the various savings options affect my child’s ability to get finanical aid?
Business Succession Plan
  • How should I structure my business to prepare for its eventual sale?
  • Should I have a buy/sell agreement in place?
  • What are the tax implications of different transaction types?
Personal Insurance Plan
  • Is my family sufficiently protected if I become disabled or die?
  • What are the pros and cons of term vs. permanent life insurance?
  • What are the differences between employer-provided disability and life policies and personally-owned policies?
Estate and Legacy Plan
  • Do I need a living trust?
  • How can I maximize the value of assets I leave to my heirs?
  • What’s the best way to achieve my charitable and family gifting goals?

Our Fiduciary Commitment

With our financial planning services, we commit in writing that we will act as a fiduciary at at times. This means we’ll always place your interests ahead of our own and that we will strive to avoid conflicts of interest. In cases where such conflicts are unavoidable, we’ll provide full and transparent disclosure so that you’re always fully informed.